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Nutritional Coach

Malcolm McLean

as far as background is concerned, I have made a serious study based on 24 years of proven systemised structured delivery systems. Although I trained as a chiropractor many many years ago I mainly have focused on nutrition throughout my life I unfortunately am a chocoholic that still hounds me today but 25 years ago I was 120 kg and sadly overcome my passion this I didn’t do anything to overcome this. It wasn’t until a friend of mine a naturopath introduced me to a form of what we refer to back then as a protein sparing modified fast type diet that he was finding great success with that I finally made the lifestyle changes that led me to huge weight-loss of nearly 40 kg.

The best thing about this diet was I learned what needed to happen internally as well as what I needed to eat myself to keep the weight off. So, of those 25 years I have remained at around 82 kg and although I have had precancerous bowel challenges anterior pituitary oedema is I have remained very healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle changes


When I embarked on this exercise creating this new website, I felt a real need to share my experiences and my weight loss journey but also to inspire others to take this journey themselves.

With the influence of big Pharma, the multinational food companies and all the confusing buzz and drive coming from outside sources, sharing their money-making food or drugs.

For me I just like to make it simple I by focus on the benefits of making better food choices, and education.


I set out on this journey by going to school to be trained as a chiropractor although I didn’t complete, I felt that there was another calling for me and that was nutrition and health.

I have studied and attended many webinars and seminars to clarify my thinking and understanding of healthy eating and nutrition.

Over the many years have been involved in MLM companies I decided that the greatest effect I could have would be to run my own healthy nutritional diet company which I have done for the last 24 years.

Over this period, I have watched hundreds of thousands of people benefiting from making better food choices turning their lives around and gaining far better health than they did previously.


I’ve always said there is nothing better than self-experience and for me in the early days weighing 120 kg and presenting myself as someone that believed in fighting obesity helping people nutritionally to find a better way of living I realised I was an embarrassment to myself. And so I embarked on walking the talk and living a much healthier lifestyle. As a result, I have reduced my weight just over 80 kg fluctuating a little bit but maintaining BMI.

I have found that offering healthy food choices that is not calorie chasing but more focused on the amount of protein and healthy complex carbohydrates one eats at a meal has phenomenal healthy outcomes.

One of the reasons why I have chosen to be involved for so long is quite often most of the programs whether they be meal replacements or food deliveries can often focus on the individual and not the whole family. The program that I developed focused on education teaching people shop make better food choices how to cook and how to eat outside the restaurant without slipping on their progress.

My hope is that you will follow me as I share this journey on the website with blogs answer questions and help you see the benefits of letting “food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

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