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Finding a healthy diet is often very confusing and while this site and structure in their lives it pretty much sticks to our whole food balanced diet in the form of a clean ketogenic program.
Most of you will have heard of ketogenic diet or high-fat low-carb diet, however you perceive it as they have become very popular in recent years. The key to a ketogenic diet is finding a structure that works for you that allows you to stick to it and along the journey learn the benefits that work for you.
The keto and low-carb diet have become extremely popular, and for good reason. This way of eating provides several very healthy benefits including sustainable weight loss, better blood glucose control and lower insulin levels and many others.
However, there are several myths that persist among the keto community, some of which can lead to unhealthy or disordered eating exactly the opposite to what a well-balanced low-carb approach can achieve.
Based on over 24 years of experience of the ketogenic type of diet my focus on this site will present a balanced low-carb approach more of a moderate protein complex carb diet. The diet that will be presented here is often referred to as the clean keto diet which embraces fiber fat protein and is totally dissimilar to the high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet which is more of the carnival reproach.


Low-carb and Ketogenic Diet

Diet and Nutrition

Through a healthy and clean ketogenic diet, you can lose weight, maintain optimal health, and reclaim it. Learn about healthy eating and the ketogenic diet's health benefits.

The Benefits of Ketogenic Diet to your Health

Lifestyle & Wellness

Discover the benefits of ketogenic diet for overall health, Healthy tips for following a Ketogenic diet, and how to start a ketogenic diet safely, healthily, and in a way that is more sustainable.


Medical & Health Conditions

Studies and research that demonstrate how the keto diet can be used to treat and prevent chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, cancer and bodily inflammation.


Mental Health

Study up on the advantages of the ketogenic diet for the treatment of migraines, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's disease. This aids in the reduction of depression by assisting in the management of stress, anxiety and moods.

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Malcolm McLean
CEO and Founder of Ultra Lite Program

Malcolm McLean

I've seen over 550,000 people struggle with their weight loss journey and manage to maintain their health for 24 years, which inspired me to create a weight loss program that promotes a clean ketogenic approach that is still making a difference in people's health.

I'd like to take another step toward helping others by raising awareness of healthy eating, the clean keto approach, and how it can change people's lives, especially those who are struggling with their help, that there is still hope and a healthier way to address health problems.

as far as background is concerned, I have made a serious study based on 24 years of proven systemised structured delivery systems. Although I trained as a chiropractor many many years ago I mainly have focused on nutrition throughout my life I unfortunately am a chocoholic that still hounds me today but 25 years ago I was 120 kg and sadly overcome my passion this I didn’t do anything to overcome this. It wasn’t until a friend of mine a naturopath introduced me to a form of what we refer to back then as a protein sparing modified fast type diet that he was finding great success with that I finally made the lifestyle changes that led me to huge weight-loss of nearly 40 kg.

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